Glory Natural Timbatone (Wood Stains)


Glory Natural Timbatone is specially made for the timber fabrication and finishing industry and offers an exotic range of natural looking wood stains that bring out the best in satin, matt and gloss finishes. Recommended for all types of wooden surfaces both interior and exterior.


• High performance with very good stability and light fastness, protects wood from UV impairment.
• Fast drying.
• Deeply penetrating.
• Universal stain can be over coated with any system.
• Natural available in natural wood tones.
• Translucent in nature-enhances both colour and nature of wood grains.
• User friendly as it is easy to use.


Glory Natural Timbatone is based on a high performance resin and selected pigments with extra light fastness and stability.

Surface Preparation

Proper attention to surface preparation before application enhances both life and appearance to the final finish. Where conditions of existing surface is suspect, strip to bare wood. Surface must be clean, dry, free from grease, dust, oil, and any surface contaminants. New surfaces to be sanded smooth with fine sand paper. Remove all dust prior to application.


Apply by brush, spray or soft cloth. Due care must be taken to apply an even coat. Uneven application might result in darker or lighter patches depending on concentration. A richer/deeper version of the same shade can be achieved by application of multiple coats. An ultra smooth finish can be achieved by sanding sealer application on the stain and sanding with fine emery paper. The stain can be over coated with almost any system.

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