Glory 2 Pack Polyurethane Varnish


Glory 2 Pack Polyurethane Varnish is a premium quality varnish designed for application on all types of interior timber. Particularly suitable for parquet and timber floors and general wood work. It is resistant to scratch and abrasion and has extremely good flexibility.


• Scratch and abrasion resistant
• Extremely durable
• Chemical resistant
• Very good flexibility
• Excellent adhesion

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean and dry, free of oil, grease, dirt, waxes etc. New timber to be sanded smooth then dusted off. Previously painted, polished or waxed timber to be stripped bare of old paint material especially if conventional varnish or paint systems were used.

Mixing / Thinning

Material supplied as a 2 pack system at a ratio of 3 parts base to 1 part hardener by volume. Mix the two components and allow to stand for 10 to- -20mins. Thin to required application viscosity by use of Glory 2 Pack Polyurethane Thinner. Take due care to mix just enough for use at one given time and any unused leftovers will harden within 8 hours.

Drying Time

Surface dry in 2 hours, Recoatable in 16 hours. Maximum hardness attained in approximately one week.

Spread Rate

Approximately 12 square meters per liter on smooth non porous surface.

Equipment Cleaner

Glory 2 Pack Polyurethane Thinner.

Packing Sizes

3 liters base (packed in 4liter tin) and 1 liter hardener.


Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place away from any possible sources of ignition.

Health & Safety

• Flammable, keep away from sources of ignition.
• Do not breathe vapours/spray mist.
• Use suitable respiratory gear when applying by spray in a poorly ventilated area.
• Keep out of reach of children.

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