Glory Chlorinated Rubber Paint


Glory Chlorinated Rubber Paint is a chemical resistant finish specially manufactured for protection and decoration of surfaces subject to chemical attack. It's suitable for application in areas where an exceptionally water repellent coating is required. It's non toxic nature makes it suitable for application in food factories, breweries, dairies and hospitals etc.


• Excellent resistant to salt spray, humidity etc
• Non Toxict
• Resistant to mould and fungal growth
• Extremely durable

Surface Preparation

The surface to be painted must be clean and in sound condition, free of rust, grease, oil and other surface contaminants. Apply one coat of appropriate Glory Primer.


Apply bu brush or spray.

Mixing / Thinning

Stir well then thin to required application viscosity with Glory Chlorinated Rubber paint thinner. Apply 2 to 3 coats at 16 hours interval.

Drying Time

Approximately 1 to 2 hours, through dry 12 to 16 hours. Recoatable in 16 hours.

Spread Rate

8 to 10 square meters per liter depending on surface porosity.

Chemical Resistance

Resistance to chemical fumes/splashes, poor resistance to solvents.

Equipment Cleaner

Glory Chlorinated Rubber Paint Thinner.


Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place away from any possible sources of ignition.

Health & Safety

• Flammable, keep away from sources of ignition.
• Use in a well ventilated area.
• Avoid smoking when working on material.
• Use suitable respiratory gear for spray application.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not breathe vapour or spray.
• For spray application use suitable respiratory gear.


For drinking water, fish storage allow for 7 days cure then flush with plenty of clean water. Allow swimming pools to dry for 7 days in good weather before filling with water.

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