Glory Quick Air Dry Enamel


A Quick Air Drying paint that Protects surfaces from corrosion, discolorations and effects of mild heat. And UV rays stable. Typical usage includes chimneys pipe, PVC pipes, storage vessels, Electric poles, heat exchangers etc.


High quality modified alkyd resin, blended with superior quality pigments.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry and free from Grease, Oil, Rust or Mill scales. Priming Normally is NOT Required. But in Adverse circumstances GLORY QAD Red Oxide Primer or Red Oxide/Zinc Chromate or Zinc Chromate Primer may be used. When priming is not done then the metal surface may be passivated by phosphating Techniques. Where this is not Available, A light coat of Glory Etching Primer may be used followed by one or two coats of heat resisting paint.


• Mainly by spray.
• Also by brush BUT care must be taken to Avoid Drags on the Film.


Approximate 12 to 14 meters square per liter.

Drying Time

Touch dry 5 to 10 minutes in good weather conditions.


Store in a Dry Cool place.

Health & Safety

• Inflammable - Do not use near a naked flame.
• Ensure adequate ventilation when using.
• Toxin when Inhaled or ingested. When ingested seek medical attention.
• Avoid contact with Eye and skin. Incase of contact wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention.
• Keep away from children and pets.

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