Specific Surfaces

New Aluminum and Galvanized Surfaces

To paint these surfaces, you must start by solvent cleaning (with mineral spirits) to remove any oily residue. Prime with either a good quality latex or oil primer formulated for these surfaces.

Aged Aluminum

All that is necessary is to wipe it clean from dirt and prime with oil or latex primer.


Shall be cleaned free of dirt, oxides and foreign matter. Acid etching may be required to remove oxidation. Prime with an oil based product.

Brass and Bronze

Remove only loose tarnish, but not all tarnish needs to be removed. Then wash with detergent to get rid of dirt and grease. Rinse well and allow to dry. Prime with a top quality oil metal primer.


Start by roughing up the surface with fine sandpaper or emery cloth. Wash with soap and water, then rinse and allow to dry. Prime with oil based metal primer.

Iron, Steel and Ferrous Metal

New: Wipe clean with mineral spirits to eliminate any oil or grease. Remove all rust and mill scale. Prime with a good oil based metal primer.

Previously Painted

Iron and Steel: If the old film is in good sound condition, all that needs to be done is to de-gloss the old surface with light sanding and clean with mineral spirits. If the old film is in poor condition, it should be removed with paint remover. Remove all rust and prime all bare spots with oil-based metal primer.