Colour Schemes

This is the choice of colours used in design. Colour schemes are used to create beauty and style. A basic colour scheme will consist two coluors that look appealing together. Most colour schemes consist of various shades based around a single colour such as different shades of blue from a light blue to a very dark blue.

Paint system components
A complete paint system should comprises of
• Primer
• Undercoat
• Topcoat


Primer is the preparatory coat before painting. Primers ensure adhesion and increases paint durability and provide additional protection to the substrate. They have good filling properties.

Wood Primers

Wood is porous and absorbent. A coat of primer reduces porosity and ensures that the paint undergoes the proper drying cycle. A primer also reduces the paint requirement by filling and also ensures even color.

Metal Primers

Water seepage to the bare metal results in corrosion through rusting. Metal primers contain anti corrosion pigments such as zinc that provide additional protection through sacrificial action.


This is a coat of paint applied before the top coat. Ideally it should be between the primer and the topcoat. Undercoat should be the same color or near same color as the topcoat. An undercoat provides the base for top coating and also fills minor cracks and imperfections.


This is the final and finishing coat that gives the desired characteristics of a paint system.